The Browser Pit

I do some web programming from time to time, and some things still annoy me. You may already know that, but there’s a nifty group of people which does publishes interesting information about Web standards: the World Wide Web Consortium. Fortunately there are great web browsers nowadays. Unfortuntely, others are not as good… Today I got totally tired of fixing my code so it worked with Internet Explorer, and it was totally correct and standards code!

The sad thing surrounding Explorer is that a lot of people is still using it. Because they use Windows, and it comes with «the beast» built-in. Most people doesn’t care about which browser they are using, because they only think «hey, let’s surf the Internet a bit», so they tap on that icon in the desktop whose name contains the magic word «Internet» without ever noticing that there are more than a single browser out there. Of course, as they don’t know that thay can’t wonder wether there are alternatives.

So the guys at Redmond are not only promoting Explorer: they are making users more stupid than ever.


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