Unholy D-BUS update

Today I noticed about a new release of Thunar, the file manager I use regularly (unfortuntely Enlightenment’s FM2 is useable but not quite complete yet). I decided to upgrade and I used the “emerge -u thunar”, which pulled extra new packages for upgrading… and some of you maybe guessed that D-BUS was one of the selected packages.

The problem with the latest D-BUS is that version 1.x breaks binary compatibility at the API level with releases of the 0.x series, and this means that all packages depending on it must be rebuild! My un-speedy G3 iBook spent all the evening rebuilding packages, and it is still compiling stuff…

I sometimes get somewhat annoyed by these kind of things but “emerge” is for me like a slow “apt-get”, but easier and allowing fine tuning of installed packages. Also, usually configuring things in Gentoo is easier, having developer stuff installed is automatic (I always forget to install “-dev” packages in other distros and, in fact, having to do that annoys me), having bleeding-edge Gnome packages is tricial (thanks to overlays) and the such. That’s why I still use Gentoo, and I’m happy with it 😉


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