Music, with Emphasis

EmphasisLately I have been using the great Music Player Daemon (or, in short, MPD) for playback, because I really find useful having it on the background and being able of using it from any imaginable interface: command line (“mpc”), text interface (the curses based “ncmpc”) and a large array of graphical interfaces… there are even some web-based interfaces which I did not try yet. And if you start MPD from your initscripts, you can even start listening to music before logging in to your system!

Yesterday I tried a new MPD frontend called Emphasis, which is built around ETK, a widget toolkit which uses rest of the EFL. It blends greatly with the rest of Enlightenment 0.17 and has an impressive look… much nicer than the other GTK+ frontends I tried.

The only drawback is that the player is in its early stages of development and there are missing features everywhere. But at least the things I use regularly (the status window with controls and the album art, as seen on the screenshot) work smoothly right now.

So get your hands on the keyboard and, if you use Gentoo, just “emerge” your copy of Emphasis, you will find it in the MPD overlay. Merry Christmas!


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