E17 overlayed!

The last week I was somewhat surprised because Enlightenment 0.17 dissapeared from the Portage tree. After some digging, I found the answer: now the ebuilds reside in their own overlay. If you want to continue using E17, Layman will do the thing:

# layman -a enlightenment

If you are using Paludis like me, you may prefer adding the following into a file like /etc/paludis/repositories/e17.conf (tune up things for your installation, if needed):

location = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/e17
sync = svn+http://overlays.gentoo.org/svn/dev/vapier/enlightenment
format = ebuild
names_cache = ${location}/.cache/names
write_cache = /var/cache/paludis/metadata

Then just do a sync and you will be done.



One thought on “E17 overlayed!

  1. Uhm, I didn’t know about Paludis, but it seems to be a very interesting project, I’ll give it a try, thanks!

    Btw, I really like E17, but nowadays I think it’s still a bit uncomfortable to use (or maybe I have used KDE too long…). However, it’s a strong candidate for an hypothetical DE switch in a not-so-far future 🙂

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