I hate MITK, I hate CMake

Today I have been working on a Gentoo ebuild for the Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK). After some hours of bug-huntingit seems I have been able of crafting a set of ebuilds for it and its dependencies. Now the beast is building (it is an enormous package, which is not a Good Thing™) and everything seems good. I wonder why developers sometimes insist in used totally b0rked tools like CMake, which adds extra dependencies (unnecessarily) at build time, and which are a pain to setup programmatically in an automated build system.

Also, I still do not understand why developers include copies of the used libraries instead linking against system-provide ones… moreover, included copies are most times identical to those installed by the system packages! This way packages using their own copies will never benefit from upgrades done to system-wide ones, e.g. security fixes.

I will rest now, all this packaging shit got me totally tired. If you want to use the ITK / MITK packages in your Gentoo box, you can use the overlay we have at our office. But be warned: everything may blow up in your face, so please be careful. Suggestions are welcome. Rants not. Period.


3 thoughts on “I hate MITK, I hate CMake

  1. Y que no defiendo Cmake solo que si es necesario usarlo porque una librería viene para ser compilada así por desgracia… se agradece un poco usar ccmake porque puedes configurar facilmente opciones para que aparezcan en el CMakeLists.txt y que si tienes que saber la sintaxis chunga de cmake para ponerlas a mano es una mierda. Pero efectivamente si no hiciese falta cmake, no haría falta ccmake y con make yo soy mucho más feliz feliz feliz xDDDD

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