Jinlun “Trunking”

Today I decided to attach the trunk which came with my Jinlun bike to it, replacing the back of the seat: it was getting somewhat uncomfortable to carry things using a backback. This is specially true now that I must carry with me some notebooks for the Statistics II classes. At first I thought the bike would look not as nice as without it, but it still has a moddish style, as you can see in the picture below:

Jinlun Vault I

The trunk is pretty useful to keep the helmet there when not in use, and things won’t be harmed by summer occasional rains. Moreover, the capacity of trunk is far better, so I can bring some more things with me, like the towel and bathsuit (as seen below), just in case the sun shines and I want to go to the beach after leaving the office!

Jinlun Vault II

This complements some adjustments I made yesterday to the brake wire of the rear wheel (which was far too loose) and to the bodywork, which was a bit out of place after a car threw the bike when it was parked 🙂


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