On web browser breakage

It is amazing how b0rked web browsers can even affect web servers. I you don’t believe, just take a look at this piece og the gzip filter of the Nginx web server:

     * if the URL (without the "http://" prefix) is longer than 253 bytes
     * then MSIE 4.x can not handle the compressed stream - it waits too long,
     * hangs up or crashes

    if (r->headers_in.msie4 && r->unparsed_uri.len > 200) {
        return ngx_http_next_header_filter(r);

So… when using Internet Explorer 4, ift breaks by itself on gzip-compressed responses when the URL is long. I do not know which sort of crack did Microsoft developers smoked when adding gzip support to Explorer 4, but due to their fault, now webservers should workaround an evident bug of the client. And we cannot fix the client. It is a shame 😦


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