Hario 1 ― Nginx 0

Just letting you know: today I tamed Nginx. My shiny new fancyindex module for this amazing web server is alive. This, alongside with some love it is getting lately (like Manlio Perillo adding proper WSGI support to Nginx) will make it one of the web servers to take as reference in the future. Maybe I do some more serious hacking in it in the near future. Things I liked from it:

  • Extremely clean and sleek code, which maks it easily understandable.
  • Great if you know how to read C fluently, and you are aware of the usual idioms.
  • High-quality implementation, lots of good things can be learnt from it.
  • Easier than Apache when we talk about module development.
  • Nice community (albeit somewhat small yet).

As downsides, I would say that it is quite hard to get updated documentation (the author writes it first in russian, which I am not able of read), and you will need to read the code to understand how things are working under the hood. Comments in the code are spartane, but at least they are there to explain the most tricky bits…


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