Bamboo Fun + Gentoo

It finally arrived, I had to patch by myself the linuxwacom kernel driver to add support for the device identifier of my shiny new Bamboo Fun tablet. I did some test to verify that the values in the device features table are the same as the black Bamboo ones, and everything seems to work properly. After patching the driver and rebuilding the module, I was able of configuring the device in using the fine tutorial available at Gentoo Wiki. After some testing I ended up using absolute positioning mode, which I don’t know if it is optimal or not, but I feel like it makes easier to me pointing at things that way 😀

My wacom tablet

The Gimp was easy to configure, using the extended input devices dialog. I also liked how InkScape behaves, although its tablet support is somewhat weak right now (but hopely it will be improved). I miss a good free (open source) drawing program in the mood of ArtRage or Painter, could someone suggest me one?

Also, as a geeky end, you can use Kanjipad to check how well written your kanas are! んーちゃ!


6 thoughts on “Bamboo Fun + Gentoo

  1. Thank you! Those things are not as expensive now, prices have fallen a bit and I think that a decent entry-point tablet (like the small Graphires or the Bamboos) is a very good deal. Ah, don’t worry about it, I know yours is not evil enviousness 😛

  2. Hombre, que tampoco es cosa de que te replantees tu vida sólo por un comentario mío… 😀 (bueno, alguna chica sí estaría bien que lo hiciese, ujujuju).


  3. I really havev to get one of these I would have bought one sooner if I had realized the capabilities of this device, I believe it would be worth the money for me and since prices are down I am off to buy one, take care 🙂

  4. I am very happy with mine, works like a charm even when it took some time to figure out how to make the tablet work on Linux, hehe 😉

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