Latest updates

Being occupied means that one does not have as much time as desired to update this weblog, so here you have a quick summary of what happened the last weeks:

  • I started working in the systems department of Igalia, a very cool company which works with free software (as in “freedom”). For geeky stuff related to systems administration, you can take a look at my new weblog there.
  • I attended the Bob Dylan concert which was held in Vigo last June 27th. I mostly enjoyed it, although I think that the concert would fit better in an auditorium. Even so, the performance was impeccable, and the accompaniment awesome.
  • We now have two cat in our flat, named Xan and Ziggy. They are quiet but sometimes it looks like they had too much coffee… and that’s fun!
  • One of my roommates is on holidays… and we miss her a lot.
  • I started learning how to use Git. Some of my mates at work use it and once basic things are understood everything starts to make sense 😀
  • Some friends of mine and myself are preparing a little trip to the Cíes Islands.
  • There are two persons which I do love a lot went to Ireland. I know they are having a good time, but I will cover them with hugs when they arrive.
  • I am glad that someone I care about achieved a good punctuation in her last exam.
  • Did I mention I still searching for someone special? Girl preferred, FYI 😉

Dunno when I will post the next update, but “mala herba nunca morre”, as we say in our region 😀


5 thoughts on “Latest updates

  1. It could be an option, Mona, but as I write mainly for fun I tend to do it in my spare time… and if spare time goes low, posting rate does as well 🙂

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