.fi: My growing collection of #finlandfacts

I have been periodically tweeting assorted facts about Finland since I first arrived to Helsinki… Here’s a small selection of some of them (newer to older):

  • Finnish Posti stamps (http://is.gd/ueNvG4) are so beautiful that I would consider collecting them if I hadn’t other hobbies.
  • First time in my life that I get frost in my mustache, I suppose it’s normal when there’s -21ºC outside.
  • Turned on the radio, started turning the dial wheel and the first station I found is airing nice, sweet old school blues.
  • It’s official: I prefer snow in Helsinki than rain and wind in Coruña. And I am already missing the sauna.
  • Last night of the year hanging out at Tavastia before flying back to Spain tomorrow. I love this place!
  • Going home… it’s -24ºC outside, so I guess some sauna before having dinner is a great plan.
  • Winter equinox makes dawn start at 15:00 in Helsinki, it is already getting dark now…
  • It’s better when it snows (like now!): brighter days + non-slippery streets + frozen canal + umbrella unneeded + lots of fun.
  • It does not matter how much hours you slept last night, they’re never enough when there’s snow outside.
  • Walked for hours while snowing, and survived, including the Independence Day student’s parade. Not that bad as it may sound.
  • I don’t mind whether it is already night: I am going for a walk in Helsinki to have a coffee at Latsipalatsi.
  • Almost all finns have their own ice skates, I oughtta get a pair.
  • Boots: check. Thick pullover: check. Scarf: check. Wool cap: check. Gloves: check… Ready to go outside with -7ºC!
  • Discovered that’s possible to walk ~15min when there’s -17ºC with no special clothing but my father’s aviator leather jacket.
  • There are always Japanese people at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
  • In Helsinki you may choose among several music concerts every day, every week… going to all of them is humanly impossible.



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