HarioYou may wonder from where does my nickname, Hario (はりお), comes from: Harima Kenji, a character from the anime series School Rumble signs his manga comics as Harima Hario, and it is also how Anegasaki calls him. I really wanted to use Hige (鬚, “beard”), which is his other nickname because during the first season of the series he sports a promiment beard —which eventually gets shaved— like me. But that user name was already in use by someone else.

No (の) is japanese for posessives, and it is written after the owner of something, and kai (階) means “story” or “stories”, so you are reading Hario’s stories (はりおの階).

Have a lot of fun…

P.S. Of course, here’s my contact information, just in case you want to drop me a message 😉