I hate MITK, I hate CMake

Today I have been working on a Gentoo ebuild for the Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK). After some hours of bug-huntingit seems I have been able of crafting a set of ebuilds for it and its dependencies. Now the beast is building (it is an enormous package, which is not a Good Thing™) and everything seems good. I wonder why developers sometimes insist in used totally b0rked tools like CMake, which adds extra dependencies (unnecessarily) at build time, and which are a pain to setup programmatically in an automated build system.

Also, I still do not understand why developers include copies of the used libraries instead linking against system-provide ones… moreover, included copies are most times identical to those installed by the system packages! This way packages using their own copies will never benefit from upgrades done to system-wide ones, e.g. security fixes.

I will rest now, all this packaging shit got me totally tired. If you want to use the ITK / MITK packages in your Gentoo box, you can use the overlay we have at our office. But be warned: everything may blow up in your face, so please be careful. Suggestions are welcome. Rants not. Period.


OSL site up & running

The Free Software Office (OSL, «Oficina de Software Libre») of the University of A Coruña, where I work, made public its website last friday. It was about time… 😉 I hope you will like our mascot, it was drawn by me, as well as the logo for the ESCoBA
project. The site runs an instance of the MoinMoin wiki engine with a heavily customized theme based upon Widget, with some fancy JavaScript effects. I am sure it does not work well with Internet Explorer (the site was tested only with Mozilla and KHTML derivates), but I hope compatibility and fanciness will be enhanced some day. Stay tuned! 😀

E17 overlayed!

The last week I was somewhat surprised because Enlightenment 0.17 dissapeared from the Portage tree. After some digging, I found the answer: now the ebuilds reside in their own overlay. If you want to continue using E17, Layman will do the thing:

# layman -a enlightenment

If you are using Paludis like me, you may prefer adding the following into a file like /etc/paludis/repositories/e17.conf (tune up things for your installation, if needed):

location = ${ROOT}/var/paludis/repositories/e17
sync = svn+http://overlays.gentoo.org/svn/dev/vapier/enlightenment
format = ebuild
names_cache = ${location}/.cache/names
write_cache = /var/cache/paludis/metadata

Then just do a sync and you will be done.


Music, with Emphasis

EmphasisLately I have been using the great Music Player Daemon (or, in short, MPD) for playback, because I really find useful having it on the background and being able of using it from any imaginable interface: command line (“mpc”), text interface (the curses based “ncmpc”) and a large array of graphical interfaces… there are even some web-based interfaces which I did not try yet. And if you start MPD from your initscripts, you can even start listening to music before logging in to your system!

Yesterday I tried a new MPD frontend called Emphasis, which is built around ETK, a widget toolkit which uses rest of the EFL. It blends greatly with the rest of Enlightenment 0.17 and has an impressive look… much nicer than the other GTK+ frontends I tried.

The only drawback is that the player is in its early stages of development and there are missing features everywhere. But at least the things I use regularly (the status window with controls and the album art, as seen on the screenshot) work smoothly right now.

So get your hands on the keyboard and, if you use Gentoo, just “emerge” your copy of Emphasis, you will find it in the MPD overlay. Merry Christmas!