iPod battery replacement

I have a third-generation iPod which served me pretty well during the last four years, but some months ago the battery started failing, so I tried one of that nifty do-it-yourself iPod replacemente batteries. I purchased it from Macway France, because they have a convenient delivery pricing for Spain, where I live. The kit arrived today, and after unpacking it (it was rather hard to open, the package was well done), I was able of changing the battery by using the included levers:


The next image shows the levers in action. The iPod case is pretty easy to open, although the player always looked like alien technology to me… I always wondered how could the case be so nicely fitted so I was a little deceived when I discovered it’s no more than some clips and it is maintained closed by pressure.


You can see below the pieces of the iPod. Special care must be taken when detaching the hard drive from the logic board because the wiring can be broken of not treated carefully.


The last image shows the new battery installed and ready to run. I did not make a battery duration test, but the manufacturer announces an increase about 70% in continuous playing time… Maybe it is true, but for the moment the player works again and I am able of listening to music when going from home to work and so on, which is a thing I missed a lot in the last weeks.